About ABC

The All Basotho Convention (ABC) is a political party in Lesotho. The party was formed in October 2006 and is headed by Tom Thabane. The ABC is believed by most Basotho people to be their saviour from the self-serving politics of traditional congress parties and deteriorating socio-economic conditions. It is progressive party that follows pragmatic policies rather than ideological fixations. It stands for eradicating hunger, poverty, and corruption as well as promoting good health, knowledge and peace.

Soon after its formation in 2006, ABC contested the 17 February 2007 Lesotho general elections won 17 constituency seats, the largest ever by a newly formed political party in the history of Lesotho. Five years later and six years short years after its formation, it raised its tally to 30 seats during the 2012 general election. It shocked the congress parties by forming government under Tom Thabane, its charismatic leader, with one of the splinters of the congress parties, the Lesotho Congress for Democracy, and the Basotho National Party. It celebrated its 10th anniversary during the entire month of October, 2016 with 46 seats in the parliament of Lesotho and enjoys a record of being the fasted growing party in the history of Lesotho. It is now a party of choice for anyone who stands for the rule of law, the sanctity of human rights, and peaceful and prosperous Lesotho.

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